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Inside OrCAD Capture for Windows is a reference manual and tutorial for engineers and technicians who use OrCAD as an engineering design assistance .
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If you look quickly with Task Manager, or of you try Process Explorer that Brad recommended, you can see a half dozen or more instances of each file's process constantly spawning and destroying. I wish I could figure out who was spawning them and destroying them. That might give some clue as to why this is happening in Windows One piece of info: When I renamed them back to ".

Ring a bell, anyone?

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Any ideas for how to track down the requestor? It didn't work for me running on No missing DLL messages or anything like that. Then I introduced cdsCommon. Same thing, just unresponsive Capture and no CPU pegging. So how did you arrive at that file set?

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Maybe the technique could help me. If this does not resolve your issue, then you may have multiple problems.

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Here is one of the more common fixes from the Cadence community forums:. Originally Posted by MicroKris. New kid on the block here. I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks, Lou. Select it and click Edit If it isn't listed, at the variable and set it to the correct path. Synthesis on Xilinx ISE Part and Inventory Search.

Welcome to EDABoard. Design Resources. New Posts. TPS Voltage is dropping when load connected 2. Simple transformerless power supply design 3. The command reference is a complete listing and explanation of the OrCAD commands and functions.

Inside OrCAD Capture for Windows (EDN Series for Design Engineers)

A utilities disk is included. Exercises at the end of each chapter make this book appropriate for academic use. The accompanying disk contains a parts library for the tutorial exercises and several useful utilities such as a bill of material sort, making this book a valuable tool for the design engineer or engineering student.

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